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together for specific clients.

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Moana Pacific 3701

Diamond Head Vista Apt. 502

Diamond Head Vista Apt. 1903

Diamond Head Vista 2603

Diamond Head Vista Apt. 2904

Honolulu Park Place Apt. 3512

Honolulu Park Place Building Amenities

Yacht Harbor Towers Apt. 1503

Harbor View Plaza Apt. 710

Harbor View Plaza Apt. 1105

Maili Cove 207

Maili Cove 303

Makaha Valley Plantation Apt. 92A

Makakilo Gardens II Apt. 12

Kaiemi St. Home

Kahiuka St. Home

Ilika'a St. Home

The Windsor Apt. 2005

Monte Vista Apt. 2202

Monte Vista Apt. 2105

Monte Vista Apt. 2103

250 Ohua Apt. 4E

250 Ohua 10D

250 Ohua 12F

Hokua 33F

Four Paddle Apt. 2105

Holaniku Hale 123-Mililani Area

Hokuala Hale 120-Mililani Area

Exclusive!  Trump Tower Waikiki

Moana Pacific August 2006 update